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Wallet Suspender

$ 14.99 USD


We've created a more stylish version of the wallet chain because let's be honest; chains should only be worn by rockstars, bikers, or on your birthday    So we created a single strap suspender to help make your wallet off the chain   Excellent for your wallet or smartphone wallet and creates a dapper off-the-shoulder suspender look.  So next time you shop for wallet accessories please do yourself a favor and get a wallet suspender ...unless you're part a Hells Angel ...or 2 Chainz  

What makes this Derivative?
Old suspenders cut in to wallet suspenders.

If pairing with a phone case, we highly recommend you don't attach the metal clasp in front of your fragile phone screen.  We take no responsibility in damaged phones, you've been warned.  You'd think that's common sense but there's a reason this note exists