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Arm Apparel - Think Outside The Sleeve

September 21, 2015

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Introducing, Arm Apparel

You'd be surprised (or maybe you wouldn't) by how many people we actually have to explain our sleeve concept to.  It's really very simple, we mimic the look of wearing a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve shirt using just sleeves.  So why the sleeve blog?  Well, because anytime we show our sleeves to someone, we usually get the same response, "oooooh," which is usually followed by, "Those would be great for..." or "You should sell those to..." or "you should be on Shark Tank." As much as we love and appreciate the enthusiasm, and with all due respect, we know, it's why we make them.  Though he possibilities are endless, here are some of the many reasons to use sleeves. 

Battle of the Thermostat

From frigid offices to cold classrooms, who is this person that likes to keep the thermostat at level 'ice-box'?  If you feel like you're sharing office space with the human torch, this is probably one battle you won't win.  Fortunately, Derivative® sleeves fit nicely into a purse, pocket, or locker.  Unless you're from the Hampton, the 'sweater around the neck' look just isn't cool, it never was.  Chances are you've probably even left a sweatshirt or jacket behind because, as nice as your stylish cardigan is and as much as you hate to admit, it's inconvenient.  If you think sleeves are too casual, think again, we are constantly introducing new fashionable sleeve styles. 

Sleeves for Scrubs

No, this doesn't mean you're a scrub, it means you wear scrubs ...maybe we should have said nurse sleeves or sleeves for nurses.  

Maybe it's to break a fever (...or create them $$$) but for some reason, doctors offices, exam rooms, and hospitals are typically cold.  So why are there so many short sleeve scrubs?  You can keep putting on and taking off the undershirt, but we can think of a better solution's on our "sleeve" page and you can get there from the link at the top.  Sleeves also cover the forearm which could help cover certain OSHA regulations for personal protective equipment, or PPE.  Whatever the case may be, consider our comfortable cotton sleeves next time you're considering scrubs sleeves ...or is it scrub sleeves?  

We have spirit yes we do...

Show your team spirit with your team color sleeves.  Sports sleeves are one of the reasons we offer single sleeves, so you can mix and match your sports teams colors.  Yes, we boast that we are the comfortable alternative to the compression sleeve, but that's not what we're saying.  Compression sleeves are for the athlete on the ice, court, or field, our sleeves are for everyone in the stands or bleachers.  Although, we have been told we're an excellent alternative to the basketball shooting sleeves, baseball sleeves, football sleeves, cycling sleeves, runners sleeve, golf sleeves, snowboarding gear, and sun sleeves ...not to brag. 

Cool Calm Collective

Let's face it, there's always that person that no matter where you go, they're always cold!  ...maybe that person is you.  Either way, if you're not part of the solution... so here's a solution, keep a pair of sleeves on hand (pun intended) or in your glove box as arm warmers.  So next time you're in the movies / mall / passenger seat, you can just throw a pair of sleeves on ...or on your passenger.  Problem solved. 

Custom Sleeves

Sleeves are great for promotional products, band merch, brand merch, or whatever other crazy thing your into.  Here's some we made for a group of guys obssessed with the letter X. 

Fashionable, Functional Sleeves

We want to hear from you, tell us why and how you wear your sleeves.  Tag us on social media @DerivativeApparel or email us your photo so we can tag you.  Thank you to everyone for all your suggestions but we'd prefer to see how YOU wear your sleeves rather than you tell us how to use our own.  

 removable arm sleeves for scrubs arm wrmers arm sleeves for golf arm warmers

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