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Dx = Derivative®

Everything is a Derivative® of something

About Derivative: 

From t-shirts, hoodies, joggers & apparel made using recycled plastic bottles to guitar string bracelets, everything we sell is a Derivative® of something.  

Why Derivative (Dx)? 

All of our products begin as an item, or variable for the geeks.  The variable incurs a change (∆) and become a new derivative item.  This process is called, differentiation, much like how we encourage you to differentiate yourself. 

Why the ∆? 

The Delta (∆) is a symbol of change.  From bracelets made using recycled bullet shells, sunglasses made out of wood and clothing made from recycled plastic bottles, each item was created or inspired by an item or concept that has gone through a change.

More Than A Brand:

Derivative® is more than just a brand; We are artists. We are musicians. We are producers.  We are designers.  We are creators.  From music to photography, each sale supports our growing community of artists and the crafts they create.  We aren't bound by trends or season.  We are whatever we want to be, we sell whatever we want to sell, and we have a damn good time in the process!