December 14, 2018


Derivative Live @ Venice, CA | Dec. 15, 2018

Derivative Holiday Event | Venice, CA 

Come visit us on December 12, 2018 at Artists & Fleas off Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach!  This is a rare chance to buy Derivative items in person at highly discounted Holiday prices.  

Come hang with one of Hollywoods most famous celebrities, Hipster Santa. Yeah that's right, the fat old man you may have caught cruising the bike lane on his fixed gear was hipster, not homeless. 

Want some cool points on your instagram?  Come cash Hipster Santa outside for a Santa selfie.  He'll be hanging out till his agent and publicist tell us, "no more photos."  

Year End Sample Sale!

Looking for last minute Christmas & holiday gifts?  We have lots of samples we'll be selling at severely discounted prices to make room for 2019!  Come stock up on your favorite Derivative arm apparel, sunglasses, eco friendly apparel, & accessories.  

It's Saturday, get out of the house, have some fun, and save money!

Event Info: 

Event: Artists & Fleas - Merry Maker Holiday Market
Date: Saturday.  December 15, 2018
Hours: 11:00 AM - 4:30 PM
Address: 1010 Abbot Kinney Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90291
Space: 76 (Next to the DJ)

Join us in Venice for our special Merry Maker Holiday Market filled with seasonal joy, activities and more! Bring the whole family for shopping, fun and treats.

Get in the holiday spirit with:
Holiday Dance Party while the DJ plays the ultimate festive playlist
Free hot chocolate with all the fixin’s
Photo opps with Hipster Santa

holiday flea markets in los angeles 2018

April 27, 2017


What started as a joke...

Cereal Box Marketing

What started as a joke we laughed about enough that we thought we’d give it a try.  Some call it “Cereal Box Marketing” but we just called it being, Derivative. 

With each order we receive through our website, we’re including an item …a random item …a really really random item.  The item can be anything from free Derivative products to gift cards to re-gift cards to re-gifts.  We’re usually LOL when we include your item in with your order hoping to give you a good LOL when you receive it. 

When you receive your order, please take a photo in your Derivative Apparel with your random Derivative item and the look on your face when you first received it, then tag us @DerivativeApparel or email us your photo and social media handle at  If you notice another name tagged in the photo that isn’t you, chances are the item you received was a re-gift from that person …most likely my mom.

We’re not sure what you crazy kids are into these days and we’re planning to repost your photos so please make sure your photos don’t violate any posting policies …or laws.

Instagram: @DerivativeApparel
Facebook: @DerivativeApparel
Twitter: @DerivativeBrand
Pinterest: @DerivativeBrand

Why are you doing this?

Why not!?  We're a creative brand of creative people and creative marketing ideas. We're hoping to share moments of happiness and encouraging all of you to help share a smile and happiness with others you encounter in your daily lives because you never know who truly needs it. 

One man's LOL is another man's WTF.  ...we also thought it would be funny to start a #wtfw #wtfwednesday

 derivative creative marketing advertising ides ad featuring cameron kolbo

February 08, 2017


The Dining Room Desk

Reclaimed Wood Dining Table to Recording Studio Desk

I'm an all around creative, which is really just a nice way of saying ADHD.  I'm a reality tv producer and entrepreneur, but I'm a musician at heart.  It's hard to keep all of my creative projects contained to one room and my drums and midi keyboard controller takes up a lot of space, so I really needed some space saving furniture ideas for my home recording studio.  Since there's no easy way to hack a fully weighted 88 key midi controller desk with a sliding keyboard tray, I had to improvise! 

I have been spending some time on pinterest researching ikea hacks and really wanted to create some furniture hacks of my own, yet still keep it Derivative.  I spent more time than I care to admit researching IKEA hackers but just wasn't finding what I wanted, so I turned to the furniture hackers supply store ...craigslist.  

After about week of searching I finally connected with a guy that makes reclaimed wood furniture, primarily reclaimed wood dining room tables.  Bingo. I love big desks.  I also eat at my desk and work at my dining room table, so combining the two makes so much sense!  ....I wonder if I combine my bed and refrigerator.  A repurposed wood dining table turned midi controller desk would be the perfect space saving solution for my home recording studio and fits the Derivative brand!  

I think the project was much more challenging than either of us expected but the results are something to be proud of, so proud I had to share it with all of you. 


reclaimed wood midi controller keyboard piano recording studio desk

reclaimed wood desk dining table furniture

But wait, there's more!

​I also needed a space for Derivative and all the arm apparel taking over the apartment.  I once again turned to pinterest for IKEA hacks for clothing racks and found some awesome wardrobe hacks.  

This is an IKEA Expedit hack which would now be the IKEA Kallax Hack since IKEA replaced the Expedit system with the Kallax.  You can use either, you just can't buy it new because I think it violates the IKEA hackers code.  ....don't shoot the messenger, thems the rules. 

Anyway, I took a 4 x 4 Expedit bookshelf, gutted the top 3 rows and only kept the bottom and added some kallax insert drawers.  So for those of you that search, does kallax fit expedit, and this blog pops up because you typed in those keyword, the answer is, yes, and here's proof.  

Voila, my Derivative design studio storage system.  I added the industrial pipe clothing rack on the side later because I had no room for it.  I'm aware the white plastic drawers look like sh*t but they're filled with sleeves and sunnies and I didn't feel like moving them or retaking the photo :)

ikea expedit kallax shelf hack wardrobe clothes clothing rack

A work in progress. 

Last but certainly not least, I added some textured white brick wallpaper to compliment Derivative's industrial studio design.  It looks pretty bitchin with this industrial pipe lamp available for sale in our home goods section. 

Since I live in an apartment, I used removable wallpaper from Target which turned out to be the easiest addition to the studio.  I don't know why I haven't done this every place I've lived.  It's textured wall paper so it it really looks like bricks and you can't even see the seem ...dam I'm good. 

peel & stick removable wallpaper wall paper target

I's a work in progress but I'm pretty stoked at how the studio is coming together.   I'll keep posting any additions we have along the way and hit me up with questions or help with your home creative or passion projects ...or if you're in Los Angeles and want to jam, I'm down!

Connect with me on:
Pinterest: @DerivativeBrand
Instagram: @DerivativeApparel
Facebook: @DerivativeApparel

Be sure to check out my other websites:

September 21, 2015


Arm Apparel - Think Outside The Sleeve

Introducing, Arm Apparel

You'd be surprised (or maybe you wouldn't) by how many people we actually have to explain our sleeve concept to.  It's really very simple, we mimic the look of wearing a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve shirt using just sleeves.  So why the sleeve blog?  Well, because anytime we show our sleeves to someone, we usually get the same response, "oooooh," which is usually followed by, "Those would be great for..." or "You should sell those to..." or "you should be on Shark Tank." As much as we love and appreciate the enthusiasm, and with all due respect, we know, it's why we make them.  Though he possibilities are endless, here are some of the many reasons to use sleeves. 

Battle of the Thermostat

From frigid offices to cold classrooms, who is this person that likes to keep the thermostat at level 'ice-box'?  If you feel like you're sharing office space with the human torch, this is probably one battle you won't win.  Fortunately, Derivative® sleeves fit nicely into a purse, pocket, or locker.  Unless you're from the Hampton, the 'sweater around the neck' look just isn't cool, it never was.  Chances are you've probably even left a sweatshirt or jacket behind because, as nice as your stylish cardigan is and as much as you hate to admit, it's inconvenient.  If you think sleeves are too casual, think again, we are constantly introducing new fashionable sleeve styles. 

Sleeves for Scrubs

No, this doesn't mean you're a scrub, it means you wear scrubs ...maybe we should have said nurse sleeves or sleeves for nurses.  

Maybe it's to break a fever (...or create them $$$) but for some reason, doctors offices, exam rooms, and hospitals are typically cold.  So why are there so many short sleeve scrubs?  You can keep putting on and taking off the undershirt, but we can think of a better solution's on our "sleeve" page and you can get there from the link at the top.  Sleeves also cover the forearm which could help cover certain OSHA regulations for personal protective equipment, or PPE.  Whatever the case may be, consider our comfortable cotton sleeves next time you're considering scrubs sleeves ...or is it scrub sleeves?  

We have spirit yes we do...

Show your team spirit with your team color sleeves.  Sports sleeves are one of the reasons we offer single sleeves, so you can mix and match your sports teams colors.  Yes, we boast that we are the comfortable alternative to the compression sleeve, but that's not what we're saying.  Compression sleeves are for the athlete on the ice, court, or field, our sleeves are for everyone in the stands or bleachers.  Although, we have been told we're an excellent alternative to the basketball shooting sleeves, baseball sleeves, football sleeves, cycling sleeves, runners sleeve, golf sleeves, snowboarding gear, and sun sleeves ...not to brag. 

Cool Calm Collective

Let's face it, there's always that person that no matter where you go, they're always cold!  ...maybe that person is you.  Either way, if you're not part of the solution... so here's a solution, keep a pair of sleeves on hand (pun intended) or in your glove box as arm warmers.  So next time you're in the movies / mall / passenger seat, you can just throw a pair of sleeves on ...or on your passenger.  Problem solved. 

Custom Sleeves

Sleeves are great for promotional products, band merch, brand merch, or whatever other crazy thing your into.  Here's some we made for a group of guys obssessed with the letter X. 

Fashionable, Functional Sleeves

We want to hear from you, tell us why and how you wear your sleeves.  Tag us on social media @DerivativeApparel or email us your photo so we can tag you.  Thank you to everyone for all your suggestions but we'd prefer to see how YOU wear your sleeves rather than you tell us how to use our own.  

 removable arm sleeves for scrubs arm wrmers arm sleeves for golf arm warmers