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Arm Apparel

Arm Sleeves for Fashion & Comfort.

So what is the difference between arm apparel and other arm sleeves?  Let us explain.  We like to break down sleeves into 5 basic types of sleeves:

1. Athletic Sleeves
2. Medical Sleeves
3. Novelty Sleeves
4. Functional Sleeves
5. Arm Apparel

Athletic arm sleeves are generally nylon / spandex compression sleeve used as basketball arm sleeves, baseball arm sleeves, running sleeves, cycling sleeves, football sleeves, and all around arm sleeves for sports.  Novelty sleeves are those tacky tattoo sleeves that mostly pop up around Halloween.  Medical sleeves are also typically arm compression sleeves used to treat something.  Functional sleeves serve a purpose, like sun sleeves and arm warmers.  Arm apparel is a whole new category of arm accessories and sleeves for comfort and fashion.

Made toArm apparel. Arm sleeves. Arm sleeves for men. Buy arm sleeves. Golf arm sleeves. serve multiple purposes, Derivative's arm apparel are quick and easy sleeves that mimic the look of wearing a long sleeve shirt under a short sleeve shirt.  Made using soft cotton blend fabrics with a light elastic band sewn into the top to prevent the sleeve from slipping down the arm, Derivative sleeves are arguably the most comfortable sleeve on the market.  

Offering 7 sizes, XXS through XXL, people are switching to Derivative as their sleeve of choice.  Our sleeves are excellent for quick warmth and styling when you don't feel like carrying around a hoodie or jacket.  Since they're light and compact, people are using Derivative sleeves for golf and their ease of use makes them excellent as sleeves for scrubs.  

So why buy other types of sleeves when you can use arm apparel for most? SiScrub sleeves. Scrubs sleeves. Sleeves for scrubs. mple, people don't know know any better.  We've found from researching popular sleeve keywords, that many people don't know what arm sleeves are used for.  In fact, some popular search terms are, "What are compression arm sleeves for?" and "What is the purpose of compression sleeves?"    

Disclaimer: We're not doctors, don't claim to be, and certainly don't play one on TV. so don't take medical advice from us ...especially java Justin in shipping unless you're looking for a jittery self proclaimed coffee connoisseur.

With that said, there are certain products like, lymphedema compression sleeves, that serve a very specific purpose, but if you just had to google lymphedema and no medical professional has ever diagnosed you with lymphedema, you probably don't need a lymphedema sleeve ...just saying.  Although if you spend enough time on WebMD you've probably already convinced yourself you have lymphedema and a laundry list of self diagnosed ailments.  

Our sleeves are made to fit similar in style to your usual t-shirt size.  Please also utilize our size chart to learn how best to measure your arm and help determine which sleeves are best for you.  Still not sure?  No problem!  We're always happy to help, simply email us at:
Arm sleeve size chart. Shop for sleeves.