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White Arm Sleeves

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People are usually cooler with accents. Fashion's no different. It's not that we don't think you're cool but a wise man once said, "What's cooler than being cool?" ...or was that Outkast? ...anyway, white's the perfect accent sleeve where we were going with that.

What makes this derivative? 
The sleeves!  They're like cutting the sleeves of your favorite long sleeve t-shirt ...while you're not wearing it of course.  

How It's Made
Derivative® sleeves are made using soft cotton blend fabrics with a light stretch to comfortably form to your arm.  You should be cooler in person, warmer in temperature, and confused if you don't get the joke. 

Sleeve Slip: 
We know the question on everyones mind ...because it's also in our inbox :) How do you prevent the sleeves from slipping down the arm?  Well glad you asked!  In addition to the soft stretch fabric, we sew a light elastic band into the top of the sleeve to comfortably prevent the sleeve from slipping down the arm.  The band is sewn into the fabric so the band is not against your skin.  Smart right?  We thought so too 

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